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The Room Mode simulator for rectangular rooms.
The Music and Design
Room Mode Simulator
allows the user to compute
the in room low frequency
response of a woofer using
the analysis discussed
here and here.
While transient analysis is
not included in the
spreadsheet at this time,
the document
accompanying the
worksheet discusses how to
compute the transient pulse
response for those who
have SoundEasy, V15.

The upper section of the
worksheet allows calculation
of the source to mic room
transfer function for a single
woofer of the monopole,
dipole or cardioid type. The
lower section allows the
user to investigate to effects
of multiple woofer
distributed around the
listening room. Up to 4
woofer can be considered.
Download the Room Mode
The simulation tool also allows the user to save a result, change the source and/or mic positions, and/or source type, run a new
simulation, and overlay the result. In this way the user can examine how source and mic position, and source type alter the response.
The tool is intended to be used to answer "what if' questions and in not intended to yield precise results for the in room response.