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Hybrid Design Philosophy: Passive crossovers with active
Figure 1. Driver response as measure with drivers mounted in box
Figure 2. Woofer response with 700 Hz bump equalized.
Figure 3. Woofer passive filter response (pink) and filtered response
including bump filter (blue) compared to target response (black).
Figure 4. Tweeter passive filter response (pink) and filtered
tweeter response (blue).
Figure 5. Unequalized system frequency response.
Figure 6. Equalized system response.
Figure 7. Final, equalized response of hybrid actively
equalized passive crossover system.
Figure 8. Polar response
of system at 850, 1700 and
3400 Hz.
Figure 9. Lower trace is the response of the active equalization. Red area
represents reduced requirement placed on the amplifier.